Why People Choose Elate?

We deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the power of capital.

We do this through a combination of affordable products, friendly service, community involvement and financial education. The education community experiences challenges that industry faces.

Meda Hyatt

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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International Accounting

We Cover 30+ Countries

Elate offers generous annual paid vacation accrual plus nine paid holidays per year. You’ve earned it, so take your time off and enjoy.

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24/7 Professional Support

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We’re as committed to helping our people grow as we are to helping our customers. Our culture is very important to us.

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Administrative Services

Focus on your Business

Provide time and tools that help our team members support the causes and community groups they care about most.

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Learn, grow and focus on what matters with Elate – Built by innovators.

Our Expert Team

Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster


T : 125-325-365-1845
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Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez


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Zackary Bauch

Zackary Bauch


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Alva Dickinson

Alva Dickinson


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Terresa Juarez

Terresa Juarez

Customer Service

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Carolina Cunha

Carolina Cunha

Account Manager

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Daniella Shinn

Daniella Shinn


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John Miller

John Miller

Support Team

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E : john_miller@elate.com

“Elate is a perfect company that will provide supporting services in the financial and business industry. The business model includes a complex payment and reward structure.”

Velda WhiteBafta Startup

“Elate will establish affiliated companies that will offer mortgage products, title services, insurance products to consumers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Arkansas.”

Dennis HolmanTele marketerz

“It’s been a pleasure to work with you guys. You guys have a great grasp in the business and financial consulting field and have been a strong advisor in investments. ”

Jamel GrantFincorp Limited

“My Board of Directors has been especially pleased with elate Financial and business consulting timely and accurate financial reporting. The benefits…have been incalculable.”

John MillerInduls Corp

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